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About Our Clinic

A paediatric clinic run by a permanent consultant paediatrician. We care for babies and kids from birth till 18 years old


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Our Aim

Chin Child Care’s clinic was initiated based on one simple aim, and that aim is to act as the advocator and exponent for children and infants alike. Through our commitment, we hope we would be able to express and convey their cries and unspoken troubles to their respective care-givers. Therefore, decisions and actions concerning the child’s health will be made for their best interest. All unethical, unproven or non-evidence-based practice, though have been practiced for years guinea-pigin past generations, will be disregarded completely by our policy. No children will act as guinea pigs to be given whatsoever medicine, either orally or externally, through the request of the guardians. All caregivers, including grandparents, baby sitters and certain general practitioners must change in their practice and practice only evidence-based medicine in the context of childcare.

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On the other hand, we will try to analyse and understand the ignorance of care-givers’ in the care of newborns. They need to practice proven scientific methods of care on babies instead of following age-old practices where they may do more harm than good.

stethoscopeBesides this, we will try to understand their concern and blind spots in taking care of a sick child. They must possess basic knowledge in handling common health problems for children, for example, acute problems like high fever, febrile fit, vomiting, diarrhea, nose bleeding as well as chronic problems like longstanding cough, constipation, fussy eating habits, so on and so forth. Our goal is to give them simplified yet helpful and relevant tips in tackling and approaching these problems in hope that all these medical knowledge would be integrated into the care-givers’ childcare knowledge, eliminating the sense of helplessness when facing problems concerning their child.

breastfeedingLastly, our most important practice is to promote preventive medicine. We strongly believe in the notion of “prevention is better cure”. Unfortunately, many busy, modern working parents of this era are oblivious about it.

Our important message to parents

  1. To promote breast feeding to the baby for at least 4 to 6 months.
  2. To recommend age-appropriate vaccines to children have higher risks in contracting illnesses.
  3. To identify certain childhood diseases as early as possible, for example, those suffering from allergic diseases which we will have to educate them on secondary prevention, namely allergen avoidance and emphasis on the importance of compliance with long term medication.

Beside this, I have to identify patients that are suffering from congenital hearing loss, autism and attention deficit and hyperactive disorder. These groups of patients need early intervention programs to enhance their capability of independency and improvement of their quality of life. Fourthly, we plan to upgrade and build our knowledge in preventive and nutritional medicine for the future.

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Clinic’s Philosophies

  1. To defend children right without fear or compromise
  2. To ensure whatever we do are ethically justifiable, evidence-based and to the best interest and well being of the children
  3. To create a harmonious and healthy family living which will act as a foundation to a better society and country
  4. To help a modern family to adjust, fine-tune and finally adapt to a new mindset and values as to achieve a balance point in their lives in juggling between career, family health and wealth

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  1. 为保卫儿童权利,绝不胆怯或妥协。
  2. 确保我们凡事都是遵守职业道德,以医学证据为基础,并以维护儿童的福利与权益为首要依据。
  3. 由培养一个和谐、健康的家庭生活,成为创建一个更美好的社会和国家的基石。
  4. 协助现代家庭,通过接受全新思维和调整价值观,使他们忙碌的生活,也能把事业、家庭、健康与财富之间达到一个平衡点。