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About Our Clinic

A paediatric clinic run by a permanent consultant paediatrician. We care for babies and kids from birth till 18 years old


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Once the nurse receives your call, you will be given atentative time to which your child is required to arrive. This is to reduce your waiting time in the clinic and thus increase the efficiency of the clinic.

Parents are advised to produce the patient’s registration number (RN) during the phone booking.

For the new patients, parents need to give us following patient’s particulars:

1) Full name 2) Gender
3) Date of birth 4) Mailing address
5) Contact number 6) Drug allergy history
7) G6PD status 8) Birth weight and height

The clinic will be closed occasionally should Dr Chin is required to attend conferences. In such case, there will be a voicemail informing the calling parents the date which the clinic resumes its business 


  • If you are coming in for allergy testing please discontinue anti histamines for 24 hours before appointment.
  • If you are coming in for lung function testing please do not give Ventolin to your child on the morning of your appointment.
  • If attending for kidney complaints please bring fresh morning sample (bottles can be requested from Liz).
  • If you have reports that you have received from other specialists then please bring copies of them on the day.
  • If you need to cancel an appointment please do so as early as possible - ideally we need 48 hours notice.
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Clinic’s Philosophies

  1. To defend children right without fear or compromise
  2. To ensure whatever we do are ethically justifiable, evidence-based and to the best interest and well being of the children
  3. To create a harmonious and healthy family living which will act as a foundation to a better society and country
  4. To help a modern family to adjust, fine-tune and finally adapt to a new mindset and values as to achieve a balance point in their lives in juggling between career, family health and wealth

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  1. 为保卫儿童权利,绝不胆怯或妥协。
  2. 确保我们凡事都是遵守职业道德,以医学证据为基础,并以维护儿童的福利与权益为首要依据。
  3. 由培养一个和谐、健康的家庭生活,成为创建一个更美好的社会和国家的基石。
  4. 协助现代家庭,通过接受全新思维和调整价值观,使他们忙碌的生活,也能把事业、家庭、健康与财富之间达到一个平衡点。