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About Our Clinic

A paediatric clinic run by a permanent consultant paediatrician. We care for babies and kids from birth till 18 years old


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Dear Parents,

Please use this forum as a platform for sharing the general suggestion, advice and experience pertaining to all issues on childcare, ranging from general health to behavioral problem, from education to diet and nutrition, from parenthood and childhood to the art of up-bringing these children who live in a wonderful IT world nowadays.

Three general advices I would like to emphasize to our dear parents here is that:-

  1. The opinion and suggestion given by the modulators in this forum do not represent the thought of Dr Chin
  2. You have the full responsibility to send your kid for complete check-up should you in doubt. Don’t delay
  3. No unpleasant words in the forum. We respect each other here

Dr Chin

About Doctor

Our Paeditrician

Dr Chin in Consulting

Graduation of Dr Chin in UKMI obtained my basic medical degree in 1996 from medical faculty of National University of Malaysia (UKM). I was awarded with Medicine of Doctor (MD), with Honours Degree (Hons) as i was among the top four medical students who passed the final year professional examination with distinctive results.

NICU Ipoh HospitalI started my housemanship training in Ipoh Hospital. Then, i was transferred to a district hospital in Mentakab, Pahang where I gave my service to the Emergency, Obstetrics & Gynecology and then Paediatric Departments for about 2 years. After that, i travelled back to Ipoh Hospital to pursue pediatric medicine. I finally passed my royal college examination in paediatrics in year 2000, and was elected as a member in October 2001. I carry a title of caesarian-section-at-mentakab-hospitalMRCP, UK (member of Royal College of Physician (Pediatric). I was then transferred to Tengku Ampuan Rahimah Hospital, Klang in early 2000, where i worked as clinical paediatrician for about a year.

With Vision and Hope

I started my own private practice as a community paediatrician in December 2001 at a township called Kepong in Kuala Lumpur. I set up a paediatric clinic with visions and hope. For the past 8 years since the opening of this clinic, there have been many major transitions in the clinic. To name a few, are the implementation of a system which manages medical information of patients; introduction of real-time telephone booking system; restructure of the clinic’s reception counter and interior decoration for three times; fast tracking system for patients that come for nebulizer treatment; Wi-Fi assess in the clinic for the convenience of patients or guardians; nurses annual incentive tour and of course the latest project – clinic webpage designed for parents to obtain fast information and reference . All these are done as to serve the patients and parents in a more professional and comfortable manner, and also to embed our culture and a certain sense of belonging and harmony to the staffs of the clinic.

Dr Chin On Air

Became Nationwide Paediatrician

In year 2006, i was elected as a member for Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health, UK (MRCPCH). In the following year, as required by Malaysian Ministry of Health, i was qualified to register myself in National Specialist Register which is under the supervision of the Ministry and Academy of Medicine of Malaysia. This registration further boosted my credentials as a paediatrician nationwide.

Passion in Educating  & Sharing

Dr Chin Interview in RTM2I have been active in tutoring nurses, medical students and junior doctors when i was a clinical specialist in government hospital. My enthusiasm for teaching is still passionate even though i am a pediatrician now. I find passion in educating parents that generally lack in such experience and information. I have also been involved in many public forums, magazine, newspapers, TV station and radio interviews for the past 5 years since his establishment of this clinic. I was a panel doctor for the Malaysia Mommy Baby Parenting Magazine (Chinese). I was a guest speaker for Eve’s Diary Programme in 8TV and NTV7. I am currently a guest speaker for a childcare programme in AiFM, a Malaysian Chinese Radio Channel under the government radio/TV Board (RTM). I am also a panel doctor for Mamypoko webpage. I am always approached by milk and pharmaceutical companies to give talk to parents as well as general practitioners on children nutrition, vaccination and childcare.

My Dream, My Goal

My dream is to produce a simple handbook on childcare for all the young parents. Besides this, my personal goal is to organize an annual public forum nationwide to share my childcare knowledge to all the new parents. As to facilitate the achievement of all these, of course, a clinic webpage with internet platform is crucial for parents to obtain whatever latest information about the clinic and childcare. Now, it is here the official chinchildcare webpage is born. The clinic team and i really feel proud of it!

About Doctor

dr-chinwaiseong2-thumbDR CHIN WAI SEONG
Consultant Paediatrician 
Graduate In Medicine (Honours), National University of Malaysia, UKM