Signs and symptoms

  • High spiking fever for three to five days
  • Poor appetite
  • Occasionally having loose stool
  • Rashes develop once the fever subsides





  • Roseola is caused by a virus called human herpervirus-6
  • Usually occur in baby aged 6 month to 2 years old
  • Most of the babies get infected before age of 2
  • It is not life threatening infection thought the fever could be quite high and last for 5 days
  • It spread from person to person, most likely by transfer of oral secretions.


  • Control the fever with oral paracetamol or anal suppository
  • No antibiotic is needed though high fever
  • Plenty of water


  • Baby more active and less cranky once the rashes appear
  • Rashes start at body then spread to head and limbs over three days
  • The rash is not contagious
  • Complete recovery occurs in 5 to 7 days when the rashes disappear totally

Dangerous signs that parents must know:

  • Poor feeding and passing out loose stool frequently till dehydration (no urine output for 4 hours, dry lip and mouth, not active)
  • Fever unsettled after rashes have developed
  • Parents unsure whether it is roseola


  • There's no vaccine to prevent roseola
  • Just avoid exposing your child to an infected patient