Running nose


What causes running nose?


Running nose is caused by infection or allergic reaction. Well, if there is only one nostril blockage and accompanied by thick nose secretion, it could be foreign body inside the nose.




Does running nose need treatment?

It is self-limiting problem. Usually it does not need any treatment. But if the nose secretion is thick and blocking the flow of air, seawater spray followed by nasal decongestant is very helpful. This is particularly a great relief for babies below 6-month of age as they are obligatory nose breather.

What about those running nose medicines?

Well, bigger kids may take some anti-histamine (anti-H) medicine to relieve the nose congestion. Parents must be careful about these medicines. There are generally 2 groups of anti-H, sedative and non-sedative ones. School goers should take non-sedative anti-H.

Nasal SprayWhat about antibiotic?

Usually running nose is caused by viral infection which needs no antibiotic. If there is superimposed with bacterial infection with thick greenish or yellowish secretion, or there is complication, like sinusitis, a course of antibiotic is indicated.

What about nasal spray?

If nasal congestion is disturbing night sleep and prolong, doctor may prescribe steroid nasal spray. Use according to doctor’s instruction with no worry.



nose bleeding

Can patient with flu sleep in air-conditioned room?

It depends on patient's nose sensitivity. Generally air-conditioned room recycling the indoor allergens like house dust mite inside the same room without outdoor air ventilation. This might worsen the nasal congestion. If you feel that your kid's nose gets blocked and has a sleepless night in such condition, open the window or door room with fan generating a good airflow may ease their problem.

Why kids with running nose have tendency to get nose bleed? What should I do?

Nose bleeding (epistaxis) is common in children, especially those have allergic nose. Blood vessels situated in the inner wall of children‘s nose are very fragile. The blood vessels wall are easily torn by merely a gentle rub outside the nose, what more if the children have the habit to tick their nose, especially those suffer from allergic nose who have unbearable itchiness in the nose. As parents, you must know what to do during nose bleeding. Try to pinch the ‘soft part’ of the nose (both sides) and put cold water on the forehead. Ask him to breathe through his mouth. If the child does not cooperative and does not allow you to pinch his nose, you can just compress the nostril (one side) where the bleeding is. Never ask the patient to tilt the head up and do nothing! This makes the bleeding point continue to open and bleed more, and thus the blood flows backwards to the throat and causing irritation.

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